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Thanks to Oracle, we need the latest version of Java SE -EVER- and next: pray.

After the recent news about the greatest security of Java, have the latest version of the runtime is imperative for me (and maybe for many others). The problem is that until we are notified of the update (automatic like in OSX), we may already be victims of some new “feature” as @jaimeblascob said:
To help, I prepared one small OSX widget that show the latest versions published on its website. Is a very simple app, I hope you find it useful.
MD5 (Java SE last = 9199736603bc094d676f41a78156245c


Incidentally, I used a service to build a RSS, a great contribution of Aaron Swartz to the world. 


Update 1: This is the feed that I prepared as a data source, use it freely!

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