Übersicht (OSX Desktop Widget) to display recent posts of Splunk Answers

Übersicht is a great tool that came to offer an option to the powerful Geektool.

About the Übersicht:

Übersicht lets you run system commands and display their output on your desktop in little containers, called widgets. Widgets are written using HTML5, which means they
* are easy to write and customize
* can show data in tables, charts, graphs … you name it
* can react to different screen sizes

In the other way, answers.splunk.com is the perfect place to interact with members of the Splunk’s community and well, the first point of technical support.

Today, i found a widget from a Übersicht colaborator, to present a RSS feed inside a widget, a very useful add-on and i decided parameterized to show the recent posts of answers.splunk.com. The code is very easy to adjust, is written in Coffeescript and Python for advanced features. I made some transformations using Google Script to convert twitter posts from @splunkanswers to RSS and adjusting minor things related the presentation.

Ubersnitch answers

If you want it, please clone the repo from Github or download the .zip


Update1:  With the RSS feed, you can do cool things…

pebble1 pebble2