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Simple Aol Reader Google Chrome App


After the Google reader suicide, all the people is finding a new tool to replace it. I am testing a lot of tools, but, by the way, Aol Reader seems like a good option. The tool is in beta status,

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Patch to compile Skipfish 1.27b in OSX

Yeah, I am obsessed with skipfish ;) This is the patch to compile version 1.27b in OSX. Now, i am working in one patch that the developer could make a definitive part of the source code to facilitate the compilation. This was a great day for science!

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Skipfish 1.26b OSX Binary!

This is the binary of the recent version: 1.26b. MD5 Hash: 789dd25bd94259ff893ef2f46a4a7648 skipfish-1.26b-osx-bin.tgz

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Skipfish 1.26b is out and working in OSX

Hey, good news, Skipfish 1.26b is out! Changelog from 1.19b: Version 1.26b:————– – phtml added to the dictionary. – Yet another workaround for MALLOC_CHECK_. Grr.Version 1.25b:————– – A limit on the number of identically named pa…

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Skipfish running!

The tool is very nice and useful. Some recommendations: 1.) Execute it in a terminal with a background color, the app runs with black and white color fonts. 2.) The tool doesn’t understand the dot (.) as PATH (if you want save the report in the cu…

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skipfish 1.19b OSX binary

In my previous post, I showed how to compile Skipfish in OSX. Now, i have a small improvement: a binary. With it, you not compile anything, only download, uncompress and run! The MD5 hash is f029429ec7e77270ad80674397caf0f7 please, check it after …

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Compiling Google Skipfish 1.19b on OSX

The past friday March 19, Google Inc announced on its official blog, the active web application security reconnaissance tool: Skipfish. Some important things about Skipfish by the developer (lcamtuf): High speed: written in pure C, with highly opt…

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