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Skipfish running!

The tool is very nice and useful.

Some recommendations:

1.) Execute it in a terminal with a background color, the app runs with black and white color fonts.



2.) The tool doesn’t understand the dot (.) as PATH (if you want save the report in the current folder).

3.) The USER-AGENT of Skipfish is sfish (useful to check the task in the webserver log file).

4.) Some test (with the complete.wl) may take a long time, be patient.

Scan time : 1:03:20.0777
   HTTP requests : 1722046 sent (453.23/s), 1107756.62 kB in, 378751.66 kB out (391.11 kB/s)

5.) Check with detail the options of the command and naturally, the final report.

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