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Skipfish 1.26b is out and working in OSX

Hey, good news, Skipfish 1.26b is out!

Changelog from 1.19b:

Version 1.26b:

  – phtml added to the dictionary.

  – Yet another workaround for MALLOC_CHECK_. Grr.

Version 1.25b:
  – A limit on the number of identically named path elements added. This 
    is a last-resort check against endless recursion (e.g., for ‘subdir’
    -> ‘.’ symlinks).

Version 1.24b:

  – XSS detection now accounts for commented out text.

Version 1.23b:

  – A minor improvement to XHTML detection.

  – HTML vs XHTML mismatches no longer trigger a warning.

Version 1.22b:

  – URL parser now accounts for its own . injection pattern.

Attempt to compile as it is downloaded (without the patch).

My patch to 1.19b works fine in 1.26b too.

$ patch < skipfish.patch 
patching file Makefile
patching file report.c
patching file Info.plist

This was a great day for science!

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