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OSX Installer to PL2303 Serial-USB on Mountain Lion

In my old post, we saw my graphical installer to use PL2303 compatible serial-usb devices with OSX Lion (10.7). Now, after the launch of Mountain Lion (10.8), i checked with the same tool and works fine :)



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  1. I had chirp working with my Beofeng UV-5RA. The driver I used has disappeared from the list presented when I select “download from radio.” When I select “download from radio” using the driver available in the list, I receive a message that the radio did not respond. The cable connections to the radio are fine. I am using an iMAC with OS-Maverick. Could you tell me how to delete the current driver from the USB-serial cable chip and how to install a driver that will work. (The last programming I did was in FORTRAN for an IBM 360, so I am a little rusty.) Thanks in advance for any help you can give.